Frequently Asked Questions

Is every game night the same?

No, every game night is unique as we customize each game to your preferences.

Where will my game take place?

That’s up to you - your home, office, backyard, or anywhere else you'd like to host (within reason, of course!).

Do you only host games at night?

No, we can host your game anytime day or night!

What if I want help planning/organizing my game night, but would actually like to host myself?

That’s OK! If you want a custom game experience but don’t need/want a CHOOSE YOUR OWN GAME NIGHT host to facilitate/moderate, we can send you game content digitally. Simply select “No” to that question when completing our online form.

Can I have my game outside?

CHOOSE YOUR OWN GAME NIGHT happily hosts outdoor events so long as there is a weather forecast between 60-80 degrees with clear skies. In the event of rain or extreme temperature, outdoor events are subject to last-minute venue change.

What is your travel policy?

We host game nights within a 50 mile radius of 60613. We use Google Maps to calculate distance, and game nights outside of this radius are subject to an additional charge.

How do I find your pricing and availability?

Please complete our online form to receive a custom quote. Consultations are free upon submission of the form.

What if I need to cancel or postpone my game night?

We require a non-refundable deposit (50% of total payment) at the time of booking (again, consultations are free!). Once your game night is booked and the deposit is paid, the game night can only be postponed once at no extra charge. Based on availability, we will gladly work with you to reserve an alternate date for your game night. If you decide to cancel (not postpone or reschedule) your game night for any reason, the deposit is non-refundable.

Do game hosts accept tips?

Tips are never expected but certainly appreciated.